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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sh*T my dog does

Okay - I couldn't come up with a creative title for todays musing of the dogs in my world but there it is.  I wanted to share some of the strange things my lab mix does.

Picture this, it's dinner time at home - or breakfast or snack-time, or any time there is kibble in the bowl and the mood strikes him.  My 3 year old baby boy - bommalomma (after my fabulous President) starts eating.  He takes exactly one mouthful, chews it and swallows, he then fills his mouth a second time and walks away from his food bowl....Where does he go?  To find me - crunching and chewing and slowly walking - down the hall, in to the living room, in to my bedroom or office or whereever I happen to be.

I can hear him crunching and his collar jangling.  He finds me - he walks over to me and just looks at me.  I have to say - "good boy, eat your dinner" before he walks back to his food bowl and starts all over again.  Always the same rountine - first bite; chewed and swallowed, second bite - crunch crunch crunch-jingle jingle jingle....

He has done this since he was a puppy and I know that it started with me probably cooing and rubbing his tiny ears and talking to him the first few times it happened.  It's just so odd and endearing to me I had to share.

Second - he loves to remodel and help around the house....I will put together a list of items he has helped me decide to replace.  Let's just say that I would have to wear a disguise or send friends in to cable company with my chewed up remotes (about 15 of them - they were his favorite for about 2 years)

Third (and I do know dogs do this) when he wants to lay down in his bed he has a compulsive dance/act that he has to do before he can lay down.  It's a quick circling (in one direction) round and round several times, then he digs at the bed, then he circles round and round the OTHER direction then back to digging.  He does this several times and I am like - "BOMMA - lay down already".

This of course causes him to walk over to me to see what I need - and therefore starts the whole thing over. 
Send me some sh*T your dog does!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! So sweet, I just love the picture and he just sounds like a hoot! Sounds like he loves his mother too. Love your blog and hope to see many more, how is business going? I hear that it going to pick up soon I hope so my wife is getting ready and you know you are our one and only! We will be calling you soon to talk more details.
Thanks for the cute picture and as always have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I can relate and let's not forget sh*t my cat does which can be equally funny!!! Thanks for the laugh and Bommmmma, keep up the good work!