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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's day other holiday musings

While I would not describe myself as the scrooge of all holidays, I must finally admit that I am not a big participant.  I am more likely to say ... "whoa - it's Valentine's day????" usually around 4:00 on the fateful day and when I discover that my love has decorated the porch with hearts and there is chocolate hidden in my bed.

I remember my first Valentine with my beloved where I received a perfectly darling white teddy bear with a box of candy and a sweet card.  This given to me with the expectant look of "where is my present" and I had to confess that I was really like a Jehovah Witness when it comes to all holidays.  Of course I also asked "please don't buy me any more stuffed animals"  they creep me out (or some such statement in my defense)  Lucky for me we are still together and today I got a nice note with 'happy valentine's day' written on a piece of paper and left on the counter for me this morning.  PERFECT!

Somehow, I block out the shamrocks, ghosts and costumes, the red white and blue streamers and firecrackers, and other 'stuff' that is out on display when I shop.  What this means that I do sometimes disappoint those I love.  Is this terrible?  No easter baskets, no green beer or special treats....Is there something wrong with me or do others have this same issue?
Maybe I spend too much time at the dog park and not enough with actual human friends.  

So today is Valentine's all my friends and family - I love you 365 days a year - didn't buy you anything!


neco said...

I so remember this teddy bear year! hahahaha I was speechless! Thanks goodness you don't like teddy bears, I hate buying them too! Your the most wonderful person I know! Happy Valentines Day!

Anonymous said...

This was so charming and witty. I accept your love 365 and cherish it. M

Anonymous said...

hehe so cute and full of warm smiles! You always seem to make people smile where ever you go!