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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Solar Bliss - here in Oregon

Another reason to be proud of living here in Oregon is our environmental consciousness that has created a state that recycles more than any other --- by a mile.  We were the first state to pass a bottle bill back in 1972 --- this law keeps more than 120 million containers out of Oregon landfills, (that's about 1700 garbage trucks work per year). 

Now we have reached a huge landmark that we should be proud of - 50% recovery of waste generated in our state.  According to the Oregon Material Recovery and Waste Generation Report (whew that was a mouthfull), through recycling, composting, and energy recovery, our state had a 50% recovery rate in 2010.

Now let's talk about solar - you know the thing that a lot of us want but we always say is too expensive?  Here's a breakdown of true cost of just the installation when factoring in tax incentives and more:

Example #1:  3 kilowatt PV system

$16,000.00 -  Installed cost at $5.33 a watt
   -3750.00 - Energy Trust Incentive
$12,250.00 - Amount paid to contractor

Now for the GOOD news

  -3675.00 - Federal Tax Credit (30% of $12,250.00)
  -6000.00 - Oregon Tax Credit ($2.10/watt, capped at $6,000.00)
$2575.00 - Final cost to homeowner

To learn more about solar, call the wonderful folks at Energy Trust of Oregon: 1-866-368-7878 or visit Solar Oregon

It's much more affordable now so take advantage of these great rebates and tax credits to upgrade your home with Solar.  Makes a great selling feature when it's time to sell.

Visit my website and register if you have more questions about solar or other real estate needs:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am in a Penthouse

Come and visit me tomorrow - Saturday, April 7th from 1:00 - 4:00 and see this beautiful penthouse condo right on the Willamette river.  1830 NW Riverscape - top floor (of course) See you there -  I can show you where the dogs are around this place!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Put a smile or belly laugh in your day!

Sometimes here in Portland, the weather is grey and cloudy and a person can find themselves off in dreamland thinking about sunshine.  For me, I admit that I can spend a bit too much time on YouTube watching dog and cat videos, but who doesn't?  These have a way of sucking you in because you can't help but feel better after seeing some of our four legged friends on video.

I wanted to share a small compilation of my personal favorites - send me some of yours too!

Dog's Eye View:

Oh No You Didn't:

Who Let the Dogs Out?  Classic

Another classic:

Guilty Dog:


Printer issues

Bully Kitty

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Renovation Dogs

Forget all the stage your home for sale or look for a home or million dollar listings shows on HGTV - how about a new show entitled - Pet Renovation!!!

The concept is simple - we all have our own stories of dogs and cats helping us in our renovation and decorating or know people who do.  From the simple things like dog beds scattered throughout and multi-storied cat 'condos' to the elegant blanket as slipcover, us pet owners know a thing or two about doggie renovation. 

How about showcasing this wonderful and under reported aspect of our four legged friends?  Why not feature some of the wonderful work that can be accomplished in a short afternoon --- and even done all by themselves!  The hard work!  The artistry!  The magic of doggie renovation is sure to be a huge hit. 

Here are some examples for you to enjoy

Dog Training for Dummies - PRICELESS

This busy dog didn't let a cone hamper his work!

I may be small, but I can renovate with the best of them

See, a new dog door is EASY

We are helping with the recycling

A cat bowl is not needed in this house

My Own Special renovater