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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I want a family - the joys of adopting

We are lucky to live here in the Great NW for a variety of reasons - big trees, lots of green space, cool neighborhoods and coffee shops, and for me the political landscape.

One thing that is not so great, is the large number of pets without a home.  If you want to get a pet, and who doesn't, there are a plenty of places you can find them. There are rescue groups for almost any breed you would want, foster programs, adopt-a-thons and so much more. You can get breed education, training tips, and a friend for life.  Here are a few places for you to check out before you go out looking for that new family member

For overall resources, this is a FANTASTIC site:

Family Dogs New Life (No Kill Shelter)
9101 SE Stanley Ave
Portland, Oregon 97206
Web Site:
e-mail them at

Greyhound Rescue - you will not be sorry you brought one of these lovelies home:

Oregon Humane Society - 143 years young and going strong with a goal of 11,000 adoptions this year - check them out:

Oregon Dog Rescue (simple and easy to understand huh!) These folks do great work and have a lot of resources to help your new kiddo fit right in:

This is just a partial list of places to look at.  Not ready to get a pet?  How about volunteering or donating?  These places do a great service for the animals and our souls.  They are always in need help of one kind or another from adopt-a-thons and cat-nip spay clinics to fostering in your home to food and money!

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