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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Renovation Dogs

Forget all the stage your home for sale or look for a home or million dollar listings shows on HGTV - how about a new show entitled - Pet Renovation!!!

The concept is simple - we all have our own stories of dogs and cats helping us in our renovation and decorating or know people who do.  From the simple things like dog beds scattered throughout and multi-storied cat 'condos' to the elegant blanket as slipcover, us pet owners know a thing or two about doggie renovation. 

How about showcasing this wonderful and under reported aspect of our four legged friends?  Why not feature some of the wonderful work that can be accomplished in a short afternoon --- and even done all by themselves!  The hard work!  The artistry!  The magic of doggie renovation is sure to be a huge hit. 

Here are some examples for you to enjoy

Dog Training for Dummies - PRICELESS

This busy dog didn't let a cone hamper his work!

I may be small, but I can renovate with the best of them

See, a new dog door is EASY

We are helping with the recycling

A cat bowl is not needed in this house

My Own Special renovater

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