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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Solar Bliss - here in Oregon

Another reason to be proud of living here in Oregon is our environmental consciousness that has created a state that recycles more than any other --- by a mile.  We were the first state to pass a bottle bill back in 1972 --- this law keeps more than 120 million containers out of Oregon landfills, (that's about 1700 garbage trucks work per year). 

Now we have reached a huge landmark that we should be proud of - 50% recovery of waste generated in our state.  According to the Oregon Material Recovery and Waste Generation Report (whew that was a mouthfull), through recycling, composting, and energy recovery, our state had a 50% recovery rate in 2010.

Now let's talk about solar - you know the thing that a lot of us want but we always say is too expensive?  Here's a breakdown of true cost of just the installation when factoring in tax incentives and more:

Example #1:  3 kilowatt PV system

$16,000.00 -  Installed cost at $5.33 a watt
   -3750.00 - Energy Trust Incentive
$12,250.00 - Amount paid to contractor

Now for the GOOD news

  -3675.00 - Federal Tax Credit (30% of $12,250.00)
  -6000.00 - Oregon Tax Credit ($2.10/watt, capped at $6,000.00)
$2575.00 - Final cost to homeowner

To learn more about solar, call the wonderful folks at Energy Trust of Oregon: 1-866-368-7878 or visit Solar Oregon

It's much more affordable now so take advantage of these great rebates and tax credits to upgrade your home with Solar.  Makes a great selling feature when it's time to sell.

Visit my website and register if you have more questions about solar or other real estate needs:

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