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Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Pit Bull" love

So I admit a bit of fear of certain dog breeds - snapping poodles, snarling chihiuahuas, tiny little toy breeds that I am afraid of inadvertenly hurting.

What I am not afraid of is the media image of out of control breed known now as the Pit Bull.   I do admit that any dog can be dangerous, I am not crazy or naive but what I do NOT accept is that all Pit Bulls (a misnomer at best) or "rotties" or Chow Chows need special legislation.

This Breed Specific Legislation or BSL as it's known is rampant across America and is usually aimed at the Pit Bull - Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Target, Spudz MaKenzie),  and in some cases just the appearance or characteristics of pit bull.  There are over 200 counties in US that ban these breeds all together.

Insurance companies have a boon-town because owners must often purchase huge liability insurance policies, home owner insurance companies dictate to home owner what kind of pet they can have and threaten cancelation if a 'pit bull' or other breed they have determined as dangerous lives in the home.

These laws have unintended consequences with thousands of dogs being confiscated from owners and euthenized, owners being served eviction papers if they don't relinquish their dog, and mass populations of "pit" type dogs being abandoned to shelters and put down by the ten of thousannds across America every year.

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