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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Walking your dog

Taking your best friend for a walk is one of the great joys of living. So many places to see, so much to smell and the SQUIRRELS -- Oh My!

Here are a few tips to making your trips more enjoyable:

**Thanks to one reader - forgot important item - CARRY those plastic bags and clean up your pets' business! This is non-negotiable and creates happy neighbors and fellow walkers.

1) Get out for daily walks - at least 30 minutes and you will have a pet that is calmer and less bored at home (think about your shoes, furniture, etc)

2) Get an appropriate collar and make sure it fits and has a tag with your contact information - this is the equivilant of a cell phone 'just in case' your hound takes a road trip without you. I am not a fan of 'choke' style collars at all.

3) Your dog pulls? So does mine - he is a very strong lab/pit mix and our walks were not too much fun at first. Buy a halter or harness that fits over their chest and attach your leash to it. These often discourage pulling - just have someone at the pet store help you fit it.

4) Vary your route - even small changes will keep your friend interested in where you are going and what will happen next.


Anonymous said...

Checking to see if comment works

Remington said...

Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have great advice there....thanks for sharing! I hope we can be great friends!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like doggie day care!